Neighborhood Seminary


  • Collaborative learning with teaching teams of practitioners and scholars

  • Accessible for lay people while built upon solid research and practice

  • Uses a variety of teaching methods because people learn in different ways


  • Practicing deep listening to God, others, and world in a posture of compassion

  • Attending to personal growth through time tested spiritual practices.

  • Large and small group experience with trained spiritual directors.


  • Working with missional innovators to learn to see as Jesus sees.

  • Building relationships with fellow learners, neighbors, and strangers.

  • Developing the senses to see and appreciate the gifts in ourselves and others.

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Good News

Neighborhood Seminary is delighted to celebrate this good news with our friend, partner and NS educational strategist, The Revd Dr Paul W Chilcote, Director of the Centre for Global Wesleyan Theology at Wesley House, Cambridge, recently received the 2021 Saddlebag Award for his book Singing the Faith: Soundings of Lyrical Theology in the Methodist Tradition, published by Foundery Books, an imprint of The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of The United Methodist Church.

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The Historical Society of The United Methodist Church awards this honor to the author who published the most significant book on Methodism during the previous year. In this book Chilcote argues that what people sing both expresses and shapes their theology. He reviews and analyzes the theology of 52 creative artists within the global Methodist family. Among these he identifies four song-writers who may be properly designated “lyrical theologians” within Methodism: Charles Wesley, Fanny Crosby, Charles A. Tindley, and Fred Pratt Green. Singing the Faith continues Chilcote’s exploration of sung theology, first inspired by his studies of Charles Wesley’s hymns. Despite the fact that Christians have been singing their faith for generations, this is a fairly recent sub-discipline in the larger terrain of theology. Four years ago Chilcote won this same award for his book on the biblical themes in the lyrical theology of Charles Wesley entitled A Faith That Sings. 





What we are thinking about ...

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As a member of the premier cohort of Neighborhood Seminary, I loved the depth of spiritual and theological growth and fellowship I received as I deepened my desire to serve alongside my community. I was honored to join the Board with the hope of bringing this significant program to so many others with that same desire. ​” 


—  Kimberly Clark



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