Neighborhood Seminary


  • Collaborative learning with teaching teams of practitioners and scholars

  • Accessible for lay people while built upon solid research and practice

  • Uses a variety of teaching methods because people learn in different ways


  • Practicing deep listening to God, others, and world in a posture of compassion

  • Attending to personal growth through time tested spiritual practices.

  • Large and small group experience with trained spiritual directors.


  • Working with missional innovators to learn to see as Jesus sees.

  • Building relationships with fellow learners, neighbors, and strangers.

  • Developing the senses to see and appreciate the gifts in ourselves and others.


  • A Taste of Neighborhood Seminary
    Multiple Dates
    Tue, Jun 07
    Jun 07, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM EDT
    Want to know more about Neighborhood Seminary? Join us for one of our First Tuesdays and learn what we are all about. Your curiosity, presence, and questions are welcome!
  • Strategic Intent Vs. Strategic Plan: Following the Wild Goose into a New Day
  • A Taste of Neighborhood Seminary
    Multiple Dates
    Tue, May 03
    May 03, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM EDT
    Want to know more about Neighborhood Seminary? Join us for one of our First Tuesdays and learn what we are all about. Your curiosity, presence, and questions are welcome!
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Good News


Neighborhood Seminary is hiring a part-time Office Manager.


The Office Manager is primarily responsible for all aspects of administrative support and office operations within Neighborhood Seminary (NS). This position reports to the Administrative Consultant and supports all members of the National Leadership Team.

Applications are currently being accepted via email by Lynne Caldwell (lynne@neighborhoodseminary.org)

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Prophetic Activism Matters:
A Legacy of Black Resistance

Anthony Everett, Board Member of Neighborhood Seminary, received a Louisville Pastoral Studies grant. Read about his project below.

Prophetic Activism can be defined as a faith-grounded, liberation-based, "ministry that matters" response to times of crises and their immanent social problems. Over time, it has served as a faithful, liberating reprieve through the actions of black Christians, often engaging participants beyond church walls with little regard for clericalism. An exploration of prophetic activism and its birth and growth out of liberation movements for black people is warranted. 

My project uses the combination of a Black Lives Matter hermeneutic, employed by womanist theologian Wil Gafney, along with the framework of Necropolitics, theorized by francophone critical theorist Achille Mbembe, as interpretive methods to identify black lives at risk, oppressed, marginalized, and expendable. I seek to expose how prophetic activism, as a faithful response from black Christians, addresses despair. If the church employs transformative actions rooted in prophetic activism, then it will advance the work of justice in its context. The critical ethnographic methods used in my research will address issues of power, inequity, oppression, and marginalization and why black lives should matter to everyone, especially Christians.

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The Church of the Future?

You Have Permission Podcast

"Today my guest, Dr. Elaine Heath, joins me to discuss her five principles of 'What the Church of the Future Needs to Contain". Dr. Heath was the first woman dean of Duke Divinity School and is an author, speaker, pastor, and consultant. Along with her five principles, we cover the value of wisdom traditions, socio-political identity, and more. Elaine says, "Christianity is losing its swagger" and "the Church's mission [towards people] should be to go to Hell for them."

What is the Work? What is the Wisdom?

The Wisdom & The Work Podcast

Join host Sterling Freeman as he sits down to chat with guests Kathleen Crabbs and Gita Gulati-Partee. Kathleen is a leadership and equity educator and coach, and a partner in organizational and cultural systems change. Gita Gulati-Partee is a the founder and principal of Open Source Leadership Strategies which researches, designs and evaluates racial and social justice efforts as well as builds capacity for racial and social justice organizations, movements and leaders around the world.

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What we are thinking about ...



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Never One Thing: Remembering 2,000 Years of Innovative Expressions of Church

The Fresh Expressions Podcast

When you hear the word “church” you are likely imagining something that is very particular to your time and culture. But the church is 2,000 years old, and has many different expressions. This episode will introduce you to a variety of expressions of Church throughout the centuries.