Neighborhood Seminary

Bringing the love of God to home, neighborhood, workplace, and world.


  • Collaborative learning with teaching teams of practitioners and scholars

  • Accessible for lay people while built upon solid research and practice

  • Uses a variety of teaching methods because people learn in different ways


  • Practicing deep listening to God, others, and world in a posture of compassion

  • Attending to personal growth through time tested spiritual practices.

  • Large and small group experience with trained spiritual directors.


  • Working with missional innovators to learn to see as Jesus sees.

  • Building relationships with fellow learners, neighbors, and strangers.

  • Developing the senses to see and appreciate the gifts in ourselves and others.

Praying Together

What we are thinking about ...

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As a member of the premier cohort of Neighborhood Seminary, I loved the depth of spiritual and theological growth and fellowship I received as I deepened my desire to serve alongside my community. I was honored to join the Board with the hope of bringing this significant program to so many others with that same desire. ​” 


—  Kimberly Clark


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