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Our vision is for God’s healing, reconciling, forgiving, and liberating love to become flesh and blood and move into the neighborhood through the church.


"The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood." John 1:14, The Message

Our goal in Neighborhood Seminary is simple. We seamlessly integrate theological and spiritual education for head, heart, and hands, so that lay people can fully participate in God's mission in the world. What is that mission? The risen Christ states it in Revelation 21:5: "Look! I am making all things new!"


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  • Collaborative learning with teaching teams of practitioners and scholars

  • Accessible for lay people while built upon solid research and practice

  • Uses a variety of teaching methods because people learn in different ways


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  • Practicing deep listening to God, others, and world in a posture of compassion

  • Attending to personal growth through time tested spiritual practices.

  • Large and small group experience with trained spiritual directors.


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  • Working with missional innovators to learn to see as Jesus sees.

  • Building relationships with fellow learners, neighbors, and strangers.

  • Developing the senses to see and appreciate the gifts in ourselves and others.

The foundational Neighborhood Seminary program is a two-year, non-degree, integrated course of learning which includes spiritual formation, coursework, and practical training in missional engagement. Faculty includes teams of scholars and missional practitioners. Missionally-trained spiritual directors facilitate spiritual formation. Local ministry practitioners are grounded in principles of asset-based community development and missional theology.  In simple terms, our program helps persons learn how to neighbor well, how to help their neighborhoods flourish, and how to foster life-giving community wherever they go. All in the spirit and manner of Jesus. 


Neighborhood Seminary is affordable, accessible, and intended to help God's people fully live its healing vocation in the world. 

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