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Courage by the Rev. Soniyyah (Sonna) B. Key

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

On occasion, I have these momentary moments of reflective stillness. I sit still until my fears run out of reason and air. I patiently wait until my help comes.

I patiently wait ...

Courage is a funny thing. It is so gentle that you never feel it. It is so holy that it cannot be enticed.

... it cannot be enticed.

Courage is so resilient that it has to be spread over many lives, no one life can contain it and no one moment can hold it.

... no one moment can hold it.

Some might equate courage with the release of adrenaline. In my opinion, courage is a spiritual gift. One is triggered by stress or excitement, the other is cultivated in silence. One can be measured by blood pressure and the other can only be measured by its very in that moment presence. You know that one moment when you didn’t expect it…but it showed up. And in that one moment, you were the person you knew you always wanted to be. A divine individual not anchored to insecurity, self-doubt and fear. A divine individual not prone to fits, rage and tantrums. A divine individual free from manipulation, control, deceit and power struggles.

... cultivated in silence.

Sometimes we miscategorize the purpose of courage, we cast it in the wrong role. We misconstrue its purpose. Its purpose is to still our consciousness so that we can own who we really want to be. Our stillness is the rearranging of our priorities. It is the emptying of all our fears. Courage is a product of a spirit that is being formed and reshaped into the image of God, a God who wants us all to be free. It is the shedding of our pride, prejudges and biases. The first step of courage is to be at peace with our vulnerability.

... the emptying of all our fears.

The Rev. Soniyyah (Sonna) B. Key

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